Gaia Farmhouse Bedrooms

All charming bedrooms have twin beds, share two bathrooms and are caringly dressed with colour, linens, and towels to welcome you: Please come in. Sleep deep. Rise renewed.


The rooms are all dedicated to a spiritual teaching:


The Miigwech Room

Pronounced, mee-gwetch, Miigwech means thankyou in Ojibwe. Thank you for this moment, for the ancestors, and for the seven generations before us. Dedicated to the Frog clan for it's call to transformation the room decorated with traditional Canadian art invites a meaningful retreat.    


The Ubuntu Room

Pronounced oo-BUUN-too, the African word can be translated, "I am because we are". Bishop Tutu said Ubuntu, the realization one can't be human in isolation, only in interconnectedness, is "the essence of being human. Authentic African and Canadian art celebrate the one'ness of life.


The Fox Room

Matthew Fox is the theologian, mysitc, and author who reclaimed and named Creation Spirituality. A weave of Eastern, Western, indigenous spiritualities, and new science, Creation Spirituality  honours all of creation as Original Blessing and every creature as artist. This room welcomes the creativity and artist in you.



On the hillside, in the woods, around the fire, at the lake benches welcome you back to consciously reconnect with Gaia.

Won't you stop and sit awhile,

drink of the birds' songs, taste of Earth's colours,

listen to the music of the spheres,

visit with the ancestors, pray for the great grand ones,

and in just being become all that you are?

The Benches ( C. Kilby 2012)


The Fire Circle

Remember the campfires, songs, and s'mores? Remember darkness deepening and stars brightening? Remember wolves howling, coyotes yipping, stars falling, fire crackling? It still happens.



Cozy up to Little Cameron Lake. Let the drone of the dragonflies and wind in the pines lull you into a restful realm.


Welcome to The Gaia Farmhouse!

This eco-spirituality retreat offers single guests or small groups a unique experience. The old Barry Homestead, surrounded by ancient precambrian hills, coniferous and deciduous forests, is located in the Algonquin Highlands. Here our guests can  physically rest, play and celebrate life. On the paths, walkways, and cosmic labyrinth you can discover new perspectives to inspire you intellectually and spiritually. These lands will nurture your being and becoming.

Gaia farmhouse Retreat and B&B is dedicated to the health of your personal and planetary body, the evolution of consciousness,  living within Earth's means, and contributing to a resilient future.

We offer unique experiences woven through with ecology, cosmology, spirituality, evolutionary consciousness and joy.

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