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August 28,29,30  


Stand  up paddle boarding instruction, yoga, labyrinth, great food and fun with PROFESSIONAL  instructors  

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October - 16 / 17 


Draw, sketch, paint, meditation through visionary art with internationally acclaimed visionary artist, Gaia Orion and take a mystical magical tour through the spiral labyrinth with cosmic storyteller, Carol Kilby.

residential or commuter options.

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Silent Retreats


Self-Directed Retreats for one or more. We provide the space, accomodation etc. and resources.


Guided Retreats as outlined below:

> What A Difference A Day Makes -when Mother Nature's our Guru

Feeling stuck, trapped, overwhelmed, scattered? Vocational and spiritual burnout, environmental anxiety, transition and compassion fatigue are real. Take a walk. Take 4 walks to reconnect. Reconnect with Gaia and a new outlook. Reconnect with Cosmos and your own Big History. Reconnect with Creativity and what's working in you right now. Reconnect with Wisdom and what you need to return to your Great Work. 


> "Dancing With The Cosmic Christ"

> "I'm Not Aging, I'm Evolving"

For those celebrating or challenged by the march of time. This unique retreat offers the gifts of an evolutionary philosophy and spirituality of aging based on the new cosmology and evolutionary theory. An empowering retreat for a potentially power-full time of our lives.


> Gateways To Consciousness

Do you wake up feeling you're on the cusp of  something more, wondering 'what's next?'  and 'what can you do?' Explore the gateways of evolutionary consciousness. Meet the teachers of conscious evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard,  Pierre Theillhard de Chardin and more. Learn to listen to intution, recognize our resistance, and to say yes to our potential. Come to know ourselves as Co-creators with Consciousness.


> Four Paths Home  - The Ways of  Creation Spirituality

 Feeling  drawn to live in greater harmony with the Earth,  to practice a more sustainable lifestyle, to contribute to a more resilient future? This retreat offers an inclusive spiritual framework to support the vision of personal, spiritual, and social evolution.  Learn to walk the four paths  of Creation Spirituality on your journey of becoming less ego, more essence, less alone, more co-creator.


> Work Like You Don't Need The Money

For those longing to connect what they do to make a living with life work that's life-giving. This is an in-depth, three-weekend course of transformation.

Rediscovering a Spirituality of Work

Retelling Your Story - a Cosmology of Work

Reinventing Your Work - a pragmatic plan




This unique Bed and Breakfast is a Retreat. When not hosting solo or group retreats and workshopsthis historic Highlands homestead welcomes overnight guests.  

> Gaia Farmhouse Retreat B & B




 Occupy The Environment - IDLE our Autos NO MORE .... THAN NECESSARY
Read the facts and figures! They'll change your assumptions about 'letting it warm up etc. Print and Share with your neighbous and colleagues.

Welcome to The Gaia Farmhouse!

This eco-spirituality retreat offers single guests or small groups a unique experience. The old Barry Homestead, surrounded by ancient precambrian hills, coniferous and deciduous forests, is located in the Algonquin Highlands. Here our guests can  physically rest, play and celebrate life. On the paths, walkways, and cosmic labyrinth you can discover new perspectives to inspire you intellectually and spiritually. These lands will nurture your being and becoming.

Gaia farmhouse Retreat and B&B is dedicated to the health of your personal and planetary body, the evolution of consciousness,  living within Earth's means, and contributing to a resilient future.

We offer unique experiences woven through with ecology, cosmology, spirituality, evolutionary consciousness and joy.

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